Cold Coin


  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Online Platform
  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing


Our client, a startup company, wanted to create a secure and innovative way for users to purchase and store Bitcoin using physical paper wallets in the form of a beautifully designed gold coin, know in the industry as Cold Storage. The challenge was to create an eCommerce website that would enable users to securely purchase the Cold Coin GOLD Bitcoin physical coin wallet and provide a user-friendly platform to view their wallet amounts in real-time.


As Creative Director, I helped with the brand development, website design and development, product design, manufacturing and integrating blockchain technology.

We created a custom SASS-style website that was user-friendly and displayed the professional brand and product in a great way. The website featured a great end-user dashboard where users could login and see their wallet amounts in real-time and any transactions made to that wallet on the physical coin.

To ensure security, we integrated blockchain technology that created new public and private wallet keys upon successful purchase. We also developed a custom security sticker on the back of the coin that could be peeled off to reveal the private key, ensuring that only the owner of the coin could access their funds.



Account Dashboard


The final outcome was an eCommerce website that provided a secure and innovative way for users to purchase and store Bitcoin. The Cold Coin GOLD Bitcoin physical coin wallet was a huge success, with users praising its beautiful design and secure features. The custom SASS-style website and the user-friendly platform provided a great user experience, which resulted in high customer satisfaction and repeat business.

The successful integration of blockchain technology ensured that the platform was secure and reliable, and the custom security sticker provided an extra layer of protection to the user’s funds. Overall, the project was a great success and provided a unique solution to the challenge of securely purchasing and storing Bitcoin.