The Good Guys


  • Brand Development
  • Styleguide
  • Strategy

The Challenge

The Good Guys, a major consumer electronics retail chain in Australia, was in the process of evolving its brand and moving away from its outdated tagline of “pay less, pay cash.” The brand needed to be updated to better reflect its values and position itself as a company that provides value and does good. However, the brand was struggling to establish a cohesive identity, and needed help creating a styleguide and collateral materials that reflected its new image.


As Art Director for The Good Guys, I worked with the marketing team to develop a comprehensive styleguide that included a new tone of voice, colour values, typography, and photography standards.

My team then used these guidelines to create a range of printed collateral, including email signatures and corporate PowerPoint and document templates, to help ensure consistency across the organisation and with external partners. This allowed The Good Guys to effectively communicate its brand values and messaging to customers and stakeholders alike.

Project Outcome

Easy Transition

Thanks to our efforts, The Good Guys was able to successfully revamp its brand identity and establish a new image that better reflected its values and mission. The new styleguide and collateral materials created a cohesive brand experience across all touch-points, resulting in increased recognition and awareness among customers and stakeholders.

Amazing Results

Ultimately, this helped to improve the company’s reputation and merger with the JB-HI Group, positioning The Good Guys for long-term success in the Australian retail market.