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  • Photo Retouching
  • Branding

The Challenge

Danza is a Melbourne-based talent and dance agency offering a range of services, including Danza Talent, Corporate, Studios, and Fit. The challenge was to create an identity that separated these services while maintaining a cohesive style. As the art director leading a team of designers, I worked closely with the client to develop a brand strategy and creative direction for the website and various touch points.


As the Art Director, I guided the visual storytelling of the Danza Studios brand through dynamic photography, capturing dancers in motion with explosive powder. This imagery is not just aesthetic but symbolic, with each colour theme reflecting the brand’s diverse offerings – green embodying the vigour of fitness, purple representing the grace of talent, and white symbolizing the company’s core essence.

The design of the website’s mega menu was a critical aspect of the user experience, employing a left pull-out navigation that allows for immediate, intuitive access to the studio’s services. Additionally, the site was equipped with practical features like booking forms, social media integrations, and a seamless payment system, all aimed at simplifying the client’s journey from discovery to engagement.


The outcome was a responsive and visually engaging website that effectively showcased Danza’s services and reflected the brand’s vibrant and dynamic personality.

By collaborating closely with the client and my team, we were able to deliver a high-quality website that met all of their needs and helped drive business growth.