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  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Website Platform

The Challenge

Perk It, an emerging membership platform, sought to make its mark with exclusive deals and a vibrant community experience. Their initial challenge was to establish a strong brand presence that resonated with their target audience. They needed a compelling logo, a robust brand identity, and an engaging online platform to launch their vision into the marketplace effectively.


We crafted an identity from the ground up for Perk It, starting with a distinctive logo that encapsulates their ethos of exclusive perks and community spirit. Our team developed a comprehensive brand strategy to position Perk It distinctively in the market.

We then brought the brand to life through a custom website platform, designed for intuitive user experiences and to facilitate the unique offerings of Perk It. Our end-to-end solution provided Perk It with a solid foundation to attract and retain members, propelling them confidently into their industry.


The comprehensive branding and website launch for Perk It has laid the foundation for a vibrant and growing community. With the platform now live, Perk It has started to secure genuine partnerships with businesses offering exclusive discounts, adding substantial value for members who sign up.

The user-friendly interface and strategic branding have not only facilitated a smooth integration for partners but have also made the platform appealing for new member sign-ups. The successful launch of the MVP has positioned Perk It as a promising player in the membership and perks marketplace, with a steadily increasing base of satisfied users and partners.