GVA Products


  • Website Development
  • UX/UI

The Challenge

As an Art Director at The Good Guys, I was tasked with leading a team of designers and collaborating closely with the marketing team to develop a highly engaging and effective website for GVA, the company’s brand targeting first-time homeowners. The challenge was to create a site that not only reflected the GVA brand, but also provided a highly interactive and user-friendly experience for visitors.


To meet this challenge, we developed a custom theme on WordPress that was optimised for responsiveness and user experience. We also incorporated progression registration forms, contact forms, and interactive location-based maps to make the site as functional and user-friendly as possible.

Throughout the process, we worked closely with the marketing team to ensure that the site’s design and messaging would align with their overall goals and help drive customer engagement.



The outcome of our efforts was a highly successful website launch that not only reflected the GVA brand, but also provided a seamless user experience that helped drive customer engagement and conversions.

The site was well-received by both customers and industry professionals alike, and remains a shining example of the collaborative efforts of our design and marketing teams.