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The Challenge

Kaspersky’s Aus/Pacific Marketing team needed a visually impactful campaign to drive vendor sales for their corporate solutions. The campaign needed to use Kaspersky assets and photography, including those provided by the Ferrari Formula 1 team, to promote a chance to win 2 tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix. The campaign had to be executed within a tight deadline and needed to be distributed across multiple mediums in Australia and New Zealand.


I worked closely with the Kaspersky team to develop the “Drive Security with Kaspersky Formula 1” campaign. The concept utilized the high-octane excitement of the Formula 1 racing world to showcase Kaspersky’s advanced security solutions.

The visuals were created using Kaspersky’s assets and high-quality photography from the Ferrari Formula 1 team. The campaign was distributed across various print and digital mediums, including display ads, EDMs, and printed visual merchandise.

Project Outcome

Rising Revenue

The “Drive Security with Kaspersky Formula 1” campaign was highly successful in driving vendor sales for Kaspersky’s corporate solutions. The campaign generated a significant amount of interest in Australia and New Zealand and helped position Kaspersky as a leading provider of advanced security solutions.


The winners of the campaign were able to attend the Singapore Grand Prix and experience the excitement of Formula 1 racing firsthand, creating a memorable and engaging experience for all involved.