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The Challenge

In 2012, the magazine industry was undergoing a digital shift, with readers becoming more comfortable with reading magazines on tablet devices. As a result, Publicity Press, a publisher for many magazines including Triathlete, wanted to create engaging and interactive digital versions of their magazines to keep up with this trend. However, their initial approach of simply exporting static print pages into the correct tablet size pages for digital publishing wasn’t enough to keep up with the competition.


As a designer and digital specialist of the team, I recognised the need for a more strategic and creative approach to creating engaging digital magazine issues.

I worked with the team to up-skill them in interactive design and helped to develop a workflow that ensured the creation of engaging and interactive advertisements. I introduced playable video versions of the static print ads, making them more engaging and interactive for the reader.


Our efforts paid off, and we were able to create engaging digital magazine issues that readers enjoyed. As a result, the marketing team was able to use data and engagement metrics to upsell advertising space in the digital magazine.

Over time, this led to an increase in revenue from digital ad sales, eventually overtaking printed ad sales. Our work on Triathlete Digital Magazine set a new standard for interactive digital magazines, and we continued to create successful digital magazine issues for other publications as well.