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  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • UX

The Challenge

Triathlete magazine sought to elevate their print publication to a digital platform, moving away from static PDFs to a format that met modern expectations. The early digital issues lacked the engagement and interactivity that readers craved in the digital age.


I steered the redesign, integrating UX principles with innovative digital publishing tools to introduce transitions, video content, and interactive design. This approach was scalable and considerate of the existing design team’s skills, enriching the magazine without overwhelming our workflow.

It was a careful balance of innovation and practicality, aimed at enhancing the reader’s experience and the publication’s visual impact.


The revamped digital magazine significantly increased ad revenue due to its immersive content, drawing in both existing and new clients. 

This transformation not only boosted Triathlete’s market presence but also positioned Cervélo as a forward-thinking brand in the competitive digital publishing landscape.