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The Challenge

The Western All-Stars, a new multicultural WAFL team, required a brand identity and mantra that would appeal to people from diverse backgrounds and encourage their involvement in Aussie Rules football. The aim was to create a pathway for multicultural players to enter the AFL as elite professionals.


Our team worked closely with the Western All-Stars to develop a brand identity and mantra that would be inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. We conducted extensive research to understand the cultural nuances and values of the target audience, and incorporated them into the branding.

The brief for Western All-Stars also included a focus on diversity, as the club primarily consisted of Vietnamese Australians from Footscray. It was important for the brand to reflect this aspect of their identity. This is why the yellow and red colours were chosen, as they are prominent in the Vietnamese flag and culture. The A insignia also features a yellow star in the A’s white space, which serves as a nod to the flag of Vietnam.

The resulting brand identity and mantra positioned the Western All-Stars as a team that supports and encourages multicultural players to participate in all aspects of the game, including playing, coaching, refereeing, and administering. We created a visual identity that was bold and energetic, reflecting the passion and excitement of Aussie Rules football. We also developed messaging that conveyed the spirit of inclusion and diversity that the Western All-Stars represent.

Project Outcome

Amazing Results

The outcome of the project was a professional branding that allowed the Western All-Stars to create a website and pitch decks. The website and pitch decks played a significant role in securing sponsors and partnerships for the club.

Stand Out From The Crowd

The new branding also helped the team establish a strong visual identity and enabled them to connect with their target audience more effectively. The Western All-Stars were able to create a sense of community around their team, which helped them gain support and recognition both within and outside the WAFL.