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Thok Design is a purveyor of luxury mechanical keyboard accessories and bespoke desktop accoutrements. The Thok Bloq is their first attempt at releasing an innovative, high-quality programmable mechanical macro-pad to market.

The Journey

We began the campaign with a series of cryptic social media posts and short teaser videos that show glimpses of the Thok Bloq’s distinctive features without revealing the entire product in stage 1. In stage 2 we then released more images and announced features.

The campaign kicked off with enigmatic social media content and teaser clips, offering sneak peeks of the Thok Bloq’s unique features, sparking curiosity without unveiling the full design. As excitement built, we unveiled more details and announced key features.

The Future

The ‘Big Things, Small Packages’ campaign ignited the global community’s interest, drawing over 3000 mailing list sign-ups from eager enthusiasts awaiting further updates and the Bloq’s release. 

This buzz has not only cemented Thok’s position as a frontrunner in the luxury mechanical keyboard market but also boosted sales across their product range.